SBD 72mm ID CNC Billet Throttle Bodies (Natural Silver or Anodized Black Finish)

SBD 72mm GTR DBW throttle with OEM Internals offers several unique features that sets it apart from alternative units on the market.

The 72mm Throttle Bore offers a massive 59% increase in aperture cross sectional area over the original OEM unit.

Our ‘Shaftless’ throttle technology offers minimal disturbance to the airflow at Full-open and Part-open throttle, due to the absence of a shaft across the bore and a 2mm Knife-Edged throttle blade. Independent tests have shown a typical <1 CFM drop between Fully-open and no blade at all. Plug and Play solution using the standard throttle internals and electrical connections, ensuring that no aftermarket ECU or other components are required. The assembly is tested prior to dispatch to ensure that minimum and maximum throttle position sensor voltages fall within the values expected by the standard ECU. Installation is simple, with full instructions provided with each kit. Disassembly of the standard unit and fitment of those internals into the new housings can be completed in less than 15 minutes using basic tools and minimal DIY experience. Specification: - Plug-and-Play replacement for Standard GTR Throttles - Easy Installation of Standard GTR Motor, Lid and Internals using basic tools - 72mm Throttle Bore - ‘Shaftless’ throttle blade for Optimized Airflow and Minimal Restriction at Full Open Throttle - Billet CNC Machined Aerospace Grade Aluminium 6082 & 7075 - Durable Anodized anti-corrosion finish - Stainless Steel Throttle Blade and Fixings. - Operating Speed and fail safe spring return matched to standard GTR DBW unit - Idle Adjustment feature built into throttle - Each housing weights less than 500 grams before installation of the OEM components - Fixing pattern matched to standard GTR Manifold - Power Gains for any stage Build, from first modification to 1500bhp+

SBD 4 Bar Sensor Upgrade for Intake Manifold

SBD 4 Bar MAP (Manifold Absolute Pressure) sensors use state of the art bipolar op amp circuitry with thin film resistor networks built into each micro chip.

Pressure changes are calculated on a true linear 0-5 volt scale via a specially designed silicon pressure sensor that also compensates for temperature changes. The unique ability to compensate for temperature changes allows the SBD 4 Bar MAP sensor to remain a minimum of 99% accurate from 32 degrees F to 180 degrees F through out its range of scale.

With the true linear pressure vs. voltage scale there is never a need to re-tune at different altitudes as with other sensors. Competitors sensors on the market don’t have true linear scaling which can cause your engine to go out of tune with elevation changes, often resulting in idle problems, poor drivability, and catastrophic engine damage.

SBD 4 bar MAP sensors can precisely calculate boost pressure from 1-43+ psi while still allowing smooth stock OEM drivability at any boost level. Conveniently packaged in an OEM dimensional housing for easy install and an OEM look.

Key features:

*Cases are designed to withstand in excess of 130 PSI without leaking
*-40 to 260 degrees Fahrenheit temperature operating range
*Able to respond from 10% of the pressure scale to 90% of the pressure scale in .001 seconds (the fastest response time of any MAP sensor on the market).
*Automatic temperature compensation.
*True linear scaling for perfect drivability at all boost and vacuum levels.
*Compatible with all aftermarket engine management systems.
*Minimum of 99% accurate over full scale range under all conditions including temperature, altitude, and humidity changes.
*Allows smoother engine operation, higher boost levels, and better drivability than competitors turbo MAP sensors.
*Direct plug and play for an easy install and an OEM look. Dimensionally identical to the stock MAP sensor.
*Each sensor is hand assembled, pressure, and function checked in the USA for unparalleled quality control prior to shipping.