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-Prasad Ankem (Elganja)

-2014 Nissan GTR Black Edition

-Ben Linney @ GTC

-SBD700 Kit minus the midpipe and catback
-SBD Fully Ported Manifold (the cut open, and ported one)
-SBD/Denso Drop in pumps
-SIR Dumps off the Downpipes
-ETS Street Intercooler
-Revozport DN Trunk (cosmetic/drag)


-Front: 20inch R888’s (33psi)
-Rear: 18inch Nitto NT05r’s (18psi)

Weight Reduction (scales were not working at MIR):
-Removed Catback
-Removed Midpipe
-Removed Passenger Seat
-Removed Rear seat cushions
-Removed Glovebox
-Removed Floor Mats
-Removed Tow Hook and Tire Iron
-Tall Skinny Indian mod, me (I weight 140lbs soaking wet)

Launch Parameters:
-0 psi BOTL

Time ran:
60ft 1.482
330ft 4.164
1/8mi 6.406
MPH 109.21mph
1000ft 8.364
1/4mi 10.025
MPH 135.12mph
~DA -2000ft

Other notable things:
-1.456 60ft … but clutches were slipping (changed to 4 CC, then ran the 10.025)
-backed up the pass w/ a 10.035 (this was actually run first, then the 10.025 … 60ft on that run was a 1.465)
-car is loud as fuck with dumps on

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